What do we do?

Our specialty is statistical data analysis, but we do much more than that. Our goal is to give you clear insight in your data and tell the story behind the numbers. We can be part of the whole process of data gathering, data preparation, statistical analysis and reporting or visualization of data. Also, we can coach people and give advice on how to do specific analyses.

Who could we help?

We think we can help different kind of people. In fact, anyone who has (messy) data and wants to know the story behind it, or anyone who has a research question and does not know how to obtain this information can contact us. We can work for nonprofit organizations, companies, group practices, scientists and students. The subject of the data does not matter.


Most of the data analysis is done by Dr. Ineke van Gremberghe (Master in Biotechnology, Master in Statistical Data Analysis, PhD in Biology). Ineke has worked at Ghent University as a biological scientist for six years and has experience with designing and performing experiments, statistical analysis, reporting and coaching students. She is author of 15 scientific papers and has given several presentations at international congresses. Ineke has done specialized data analysis at Ghent University, KU Leuven and for a psychological group practice. She has most experience with descriptive analyses, regression analyses (e.g. general, generalized, multilevel, time series), multivariate analyses and causal mediation analyses. Benny Colyn works in a support role. He is an Application Architect with experience in relational and non-relational databases, Java/Scala software development, Python scripting and basic web development.

At Your Service

Data Gathering

When you have a research question but do not have any data yet, we can help to collect information. We can for instance design experiments, gather data from surveys or collect data from the world wide web. The data will be stored in the preferred format.

Data Preparation

When you have very ‘messy’ data (e.g. different excel or text files in different formats) we can create a clear data set for you by data manipulation and data combining. We can also digitalize data from paper documents and we can help you how to organize your data files for future data.

Statistical Analysis

An important part of our work is statistical data analysis. We normally work with the freely available software R, but can also work with SAS or SPSS. We have most experience with descriptive analyses, regression analyses (e.g. general, generalized, multilevel, time series), multivariate analyses and causal mediation analyses, but other statistical methods can also be done.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Data visualization is very important in understanding the story within your data. We visualize your data by clear figures, which is part of the descriptive analyses. These figures will give you immediate insight in your experiment, long-term study, group practice... We also explain all statistical analyses and results in a detailed report, and/or a presentation is given if preferred.

Teaching and Advice

We can give advice on which statistical methods you should use and teach how to do specific analyses in practice. Also, a presentation on a statistical subject can be given for a group. Statistics is not an easy course for some students with few mathematical background. We can help students who follow non-mathematical studies by teaching statistics or helping them with statistical analyses.

Let's Get In Touch!

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